Beam Suntory

Case of success

Beam Suntory is the third company worldwide in the Premium Alcoholic Beverages sector. It has in its portfolio well-known brands such as Jim Beam, Souza, Canadian Club, Courvoisier and local brands such as Fundador, Larios and DYC.

Javier Espinosa de los Monteros, Head of Business Intelligence and Integrationon of the company, share with us his experience:

We have been working with Befree for about 8 years. The relationship has always been excellent, they do their job, making newI am a little easier day by day”.

Beam has an important structure in the IT area, with highly qualified internal staff. In relation to SAP, ERP with which they have been working for many years, they always bet on innovative solutions. They are currently embarked on an important project based on SAP HANA technology:

For the projects we undertake, always led by internal staff, we need to incorporate highly specialized resources that have to contribute from the first minute. This is where Befree adds value. Its professionals have always been technically very strong and have adapted perfectly to the work team.”.

When I request resources for a SAP project from Befree, I expect technically top-level professionals who are also capable of understanding our business and provide total flexibility. Work on a projectto SAP at Beam Suntory means that today you can be in Madrid, but tomorrow we need you in Kentucky”.

The sizing of internal teams is usually one of the big decisions for CIOs of large companies. Javier explains his approach to us:

It is important to have a quality internal team, that isThat's what manages to provide stability in these departments. What is not possible is csing with

experts in all areas. For this we haven the flexibility of Befree, who are capable of, for example, offering us a top-level SAP BW consultant in a few days and for the duration of my need”.

I would recommend Befree without hesitation. They know the sector, they are fast, but above all, they are honest people”.